Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mar. 9, 2015 - The ward is most important

Tudo bem!

Well this week was quite interesting. On tuesday I got a migraine so I stayed home all day and just slept in a dark room . That was fun. And at the same time my comp had some virus bug thing and the Stake missionary health lady told him to go on a 24 hour fast only drinking Coke. Haha strange but apparently the chemicals in the coke kill the virus. But it worked! Crazy stuff. 

But on saturday we did a little Mini-Mission or MTC activity with the youth in our ward. There were 8 Youth there and we paired them up as companions and we taught them about our daily schedule and how to sew and how to iron and we made lunch ad we practiced street contacting and it was a pretty fun experience for them! Then at the end we gave each dupla 2 cards and said dont come back with them. It was so awesome! The looks on their faces were priceless! Hahah so I took a dupla and my comp took a dupla adn the sisters too and we went to a park and had them do street contacts! It was so fun and they did surprisingly well. I was with a 16 year old kid Joel and he was really outgoing and gave his out way fast. We had a lot of fun.

Its been pretty hot this week and I got a taste of the Portuguese sun but the sun brings out people so our contacting pool grows with every degree it goes up haha

We made pancakes! With bananas and they were quite incredible. The sisters in our district have a baptism this week so thats really awesome and really brought up our spirits about the tough work here. 

Last night we had dinner with a member family and they have a 16 year old son with a mental handicap. His biological mom did drugs during her pregnancy and he was adopted by this family. And they told the story of when he turned 12 he could do baptisms for the dead in the temple. And when he came out he was dissapointed. They asked why and he said becasue he didn´t see Jesus. They kinda laughed about it but the next time they went they asked if he saw Jesus and he said YES. Sitting on the bench inthe baptistry.They asked what he was wearing and he said a purple robe. It was incredible. I believe it 100%. This meek innocent boy was expecting to see Jesus and when he didn´t he was dissapointed. The amount of faith he had to have had is incredible. Then when he did see him to be wearing a purple robe. Amazing. 

I dont know how to tie that in to a spiritual thought but it was just a cool story. Well love you guys! I can feel your prayers every day. The mission is awesome! Com Amor!

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