Friday, August 5, 2016

May 30, 2016 - Venezuela

Olá! This week was quite different. My comp had surgery this week on his hernia and so he stayed at the mission home basically all this week recovering and so I was in a trio with the other elders in our house. It was pretty fun. But tomorrow, life will be back to normal. 

Our favorite butcher, Claudino, is getting ready for baptism on the 18th! We're super pumped and his recent convert friend is helping so much! He's just a solid, down to earth, humble guy who wants to find something different and better for his life. 

We had stake conference yesterday and after having served 8 transfers in this same stake in 3 different wards I realized that I know basically everyone in this stake haha its so fun! A British lady that has been living in portugal for several years gave a really good talk about teaching your children to pray. It was a really good talk about example and how much people are always looking up to us and watching our example and who we should make good habits while we're young. "Always be teaching, and when necessary, use words." So yeah always be a good example to everyone around you! 

Have a good week! And don't forget to be happy!

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