Friday, August 5, 2016

Apr. 11, 2016 - Vito Reis!

This is out of order because mom and dad were on vacation this week and so it got sent out late.  :-)

Well this week can definitely be described in the picture below. Vitor got baptized and it was the best baptismal service ever! His whole family came, about 6 non members and all felt the spirit super strong. Vitor was like bouncing off the walls with excitement and it was so great to see the change he's made in his life. 

We are now working with his son, Pedro, who came to the baptism and really liked it and we created a pretty good friendship with him, he's 14 I think. We are totally going to complete the family!!

We had our Zone meeting and the theme we created was "Do you believe in Miracles?" and we used the USA 1980 Olympic hockey team that beat the USSR and it was the best zone meeting I've ever been to let alone planned and conducted haha it was awesome! We have a goal of 20 baptisms this transfer for the zone and we already have 1 so we're just going full steam ahead! 

Miracles happen! You just have to expect them and look for them!!

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