Friday, August 5, 2016

May 9, 2016 - I Love You Mom!

Well happy mothers day to all you mothers out there! And especially to the best one of all, MY MOM! :) It was awesome talking to everyone on skype and next time I see you will be in real life... which is really weird....

So my comp has a hernia. And its bad. So we've been taking it easy this week and we had some fun doctor visits so this week was pretty slow. Our recent convert brought with her a friend to church who is a 50 year old butcher who is really chill and normal and it was awesome having people do our work for us! Haha

Our other recent convert who has been battling cancer over her life and and now again this past week was in bad condition. BUT she still came to church yeaterday. She basically limped herself in being supported by her husband just so she could come to sacrament meeting. It gave me a whole new meaning to church and the importance of sacrament meeting. 

Well hope you all have a marvelous week and I will see you next transfer!

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