Friday, August 5, 2016

May 2, 2016 - Whoa. Where did the time go?

Hey so its been 2 weeks since I've last written and it's been a full 2 weeks! 

First off our zone is Killing it!! We had 31 investigators in church last week as a zone and that was 1\3 of the 98 that the whole mission had!! We were pumped. Our zone is super united its awesome!

Lurdes, our recent convert of a couple months, has been checked into the hospital. She had some cysts in her head which they thought was a result of her breast cancer that she fought and won. And now there have been more complication and some cancer has spread into her back and spine. It's been pretty bad so keep her in her prayers. We gave her a really good blessing and the ward has really rallied around her already its been cool.

But her son Pedro came to church with his dad Vitor and he is getting ready for baptism! We really want Vitor to get the priesthood and baptize him! It's going to be a fun next couple weeks!

My comp has a Hernia.

Funny story. We went to our favorite RM couple's house to eat lunch and they were talking about some friends that were coming to eat that night for dinner that they wanted to introduce us to. So we thought of a sneaky plan. They gave us some tupperware that we had to "return" at the precise time that they were coming over to eat haha and it worked like a charm! haha we came back later that night and we said hi and talked about who we were for a couple minutes and they loved us! So now we're working with them:D Creativity is fun!

These pictures are from our P day last week in porto! Most beautiful city ever!

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