Friday, August 5, 2016

May 16, 2016 - XII

Well this week was fantastic!! I am still here in Amial with my comp Elder Sutton for a 2 straight with him and we're campaigning for a 3rd!

First off we got a car!!! Too awesome. So my comp is going to be having surgery on his hernia ad we swindled a car out of president because I already have my license so now when he's out of commission I can just taxi him around. It's been way too fun.

Our amazing recent convert, Vitor, received the priesthood yesterday and it was the coolest experience ever to watch his progress since day 1. 

Our investigator Carlos came to church yesterday. He's the Chief of Police of our City and he's actually the most down to earth guy! He's battling cancer (all of our investigators are dying of cancer....) and we think that now he's finding God through all this ya know? But anyway it was really cool to finally see progress. 

So having a car gives us a little bit more freedom. So yesterday we drove to the outskirts of town and found this HUGE catholic monastery. And we happened to get there right when Sunday Mass was starting. Its been about 7 months since my last Mass so we decided to go in. And it was actually really nice at first while we were waiting for the Priest to arrive and I actually felt the spirit. But then It actually started with all the chanting and prayers and what not and the spirit left. We only stayed of about 20 minutes and we decided that that experience actually strengthened our testimony of the truthfulness of our church. The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints is the one and only true church. It was a Garden of Eden experience with the fruit of good and evil. So my recommendation is for all of you to go to a Catholic mass so you can see the difference. Is that wrong of me to say that? Haha anyway have a great week!

This is me at the beach today!

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