Monday, November 23, 2015

Oct 26, 2015 - LISBON TEMPLE!!!!

So basically the best news was announced this week since 1974 when the church was allowed to start proselyting here! The Lisbon Temple ground breaking will be on December 5th!! Super exciting stuff!! It only took 40 years but all the tithing and faith of this country finally paid off! Unfortunately I wont be able to go because I am in a different mission but you can feel the attitude change of the members of super optimism and happiness!

But other than that not too much happened this week. We're still trying to find people to teach and its been a slow process but its coming along. On Sunday we had a super cool miracle! A less active member showed up to church with her non member husband and their 2 non member sons, 11 and 12! Theyre really nice and a cool family and it turned out that that morning the husband actually wanted to go to church and he dragged her to church! So we got their number and we're going to visit them this week! 

Thats about it! Hope you all have a safe Halloween and the american candy here in Portugal is pretty sparse.... just saying... (; Haha 


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