Monday, November 30, 2015

Nov 30, 2015 - Nacseu O Salvador

Well the mission Christmas initiative has officially begun! Nasceu O Salvador! I attached the link to this year's awesome Christmas video from the church website. They always do such a good job! We have hundreds and hundreds of our little Christmas pass along cards that we're gonna be using all month! I'm pumped!

This week was awesome! We found an awesome little family! We saw this mom and her 3 kids walking and thought jackpot! So we contacted them and got their address and went to their house on friday. They answered the door and the little boy was super excited to see us and the mom was really curious too. Unfortunately we had just missed her husband who had left for work so we couldnt teach them right there but we rescheduled for Tuesday! I'm super excited and this ward only has 2 kids in primary so hopefully they get this big boost! 

Afonso is still marked for baptism for this Sunday! His interview is on Thursday and we're praying and fasting that this baptism finally happens after yent convert family, Beatriz and Antonio! They were actually baptized by my current zone leader. About 6 months after their baptism they both got new jobs that forces them to work on Sunday. They hears and years! Pray for him!

On Saturday we visited an awesome recave such strong testimonies and know that their new jobs was a blessing from getting baptized. We left a really good scripture from King Benjamin's talk about the Why and How of the atonement. Then they fed us a little dinner and it was so nice to be in a home where the spirit was so strong. They are praying every day that somehow they can find a way to get to church. And after we left, I realized exactly how important the Sabbath is. We can't take it for granted. There are worthy willing people out there who just are in unfortunate circumstances that deny them the opportunity to partake of the sacrament and enjoy church.  I started to feel guilty about all the times that I had slept in and missed church (before my mission ;) or just didnt pay attention or didnt give the sabbath the respect it deserves. So I guess my plea is for all of you to really think about how lucky you are to have the chance to go to church. and when youre at church really think about and remember Christ. And try to "make the sabbath a delight" 

Thats about it! Next week you should be seeing us dressed in white!:D

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