Monday, November 23, 2015

Nov 2, 2015 - Slow and steady win the race

Well this week was pretty slow but I love our members! Our ex bishop brought this 18 year old kid Antonio (the son of a close family friend of his) to church and we had an awesome Gospel principles class with him. We taught about Joseph Smith then the ex bishop told his conversion story and the spirit was so strong! We're having a an FHE this week at his house and it was basically a miracle! Hopefully you'll see him wearing white here soon(; 

On halloween all we did was just buy some candy and we ate it haha Portugal isnt nearly as crazy about it as America but we still saw some kids running around all dressed up so it was fun! Today we went to Porto and got some Pizza Hut! We met up with some other Elders and we had a party!

Other than that nothing too much to report on. I'm going on a division today with a greenie of 2 weeks so that should be fun! Wish me luck!

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