Monday, November 23, 2015

Nov 9, 2015 - Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

So yes Christmas is in full swing here! ALREADY! I realized they dont have thanksgiving here so theres no unwritten rule about starting Christmas after Thanksgiving so on Nov. 1st they brought out the lights and music and everything. So Merry Christmas everyone! And also its Chestnuts season! So we had a sweet ward party where we just sat and ate 100s of Roasted Chestnuts! sorry I dont have any pictures but they were yummy!

And along with the ward activity the RS Pres gave a really cool spiritual thought about not leaving for tomorrow what can be done today! It was on the talk given I think either last or 2 conferences ago. She said that we only have today! So pray today. Read the Book of Mormon today today. Say sorry today. Say I forgive you today. Say I love you today. Get to know your savior today. Make the most out of today because tomorrow might not come. And in the words of the Poet Ne-Yo. "We might not get tomorrow, so let's do it tonight." 

We still are finding some cool people to teach and our favorite eternal investigator, Afonso, came back from france this week so we finally got to teach him again and he came to church and the ward mission leader is taking him bike riding this week and hes really well integrated into the ward! He just needs to take that next step of faith in to the waters of baptism. 

Other than that we are just doing a lot of finding and talking to strangers all day. Its funny how your whole life youre told not to talk to strangers. Then you turn 18 and get sent out to Europe and basically everyone's salvation depends on the fact that you have to talk to strangers all day every day.... (;

Love you all and have a great week!

And this week we walked back into the 1500s....

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