Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jan. 27, 2015 - We're Going to Paris!!

Hello people

So we got our flight plans this week! We fly to detroit then to paris then to portugal. we leave tuesday morning at 4:30 i think. It's going to be about 20 hours of travel which will haha but yeah Paris is kinda freaky with all the Isis stuff so the airport will probably be intense but oh well! 

Edler Ballard came and spoke on tuesday and it was so good! He talked about being a better missionary (classic) and it was way good! Then on sunday a member of the 70 spoke about not letting satan push your buttons and it was really motivational! He said to just ignore satan and become the best missionary ever. He was a good talker too which made it really entertaining

On friday we skyped another member in brazil and it was fun. she mumbled all her words and talked really fast and the connection was horrible so we couldnt understand one thing she said haha BUT we taught a good lesson about the book or Mormon and challenged her to give one to someone this week and i think she said yes which was good! But it was cool to talk to a native and it got me excited for portugal! 

K 2 quick stories. one funny one spiritual. So we're teaching our teacher as an investigator and he has soccer playing on his iPad so that its like a real person or whatever haha and so we start to talk about soccer and messi and ronaldo and stuff making small talk and Elder rich says in portuguese "Oh i like messi better because hes more beautiful" hahaha too funny. Probably not as funny for you people but we were all busting up laughing.

So this week i was reading in 3 Nephi chapter 18 verse 11. it's basically the sacrament prayer but Christ is saying in first person. He says the blood I have shed for you and always remember ME and have MY spirit to be with you. It was really cool and i Never thought about it that way how he's speaking directly to us. I don't know just something different. 

Well this time next week I'll be flying to Portugal! My P day will probably be on monday and for the next 2 years. We're all pumped and super excited! Talk to ya next week!

Elder Powell

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