Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jan. 20, 2015 - 1 Month already!

It's crazy how fast the first month went by! It's been so fun!

So last tuesday night elder nelson came again along with 7 other members of the seventy! it was pretty cool. I guess they were all here to set apart the new mtc presidency and also train like 34 new mission presidents or something. Elder nelson gave an awesome talk about how the phrase "Enduring to the End" really means Enduring to the End-owment. Our job isnt over just with baptism we need to make sure we get everyone to the temple! It changed my perspective of my mission.

We got ANOTHER district in our zone! they have 10 elders and 4 sisters and in case you didnt know thats a ton to all be crammed into one little classroom. They're really excited and really enthusiastic and now our zone has 55 missionaries. And thats pretty big too for the CTM. 

On friday we skyped some members in brazil! We taught them a little lesson and it was...interesting. haha first we couldnt really connect for about 20 minutes then when we finally did it was really hard to hear them but it was really cool! their brazillian portugues was a lot different then portugal portuguese but I think they still got the jist of it. But I definitely still need to work on the language. 

The new mtc presidency is super cool and they all served their missions in either portugal or brazil so they all speak portuguese! They gave the devo on sunday and them and their wives are all great. Then that night we watched another talk by Elder bednar about "becoming a missionary." It was so good. He ended it with saying "You Can Do This!" it was so simple but so comforting. It's just a mission. Yes its going to be hard but I can do this! really inspiring. 

So one of our teachers, Irma Smith, has been really sick lately and we've had a lot of subs. She says she gets a lot of migraines and her muscles in her spine are like pulling her neck back and stuff and shes a mess. But one day when we were supposed to teach her as our investigator we were preparing our lesson and we couldnt think of anything to teach. We both were having like a mind block. She wanted to be baptized but she kept saying not yet and we were both just confused and had no idea what to do to. But it came our time to teach and we knocked on 'the door" with nothing prepared. But  then "irma smith" had another migraine and had to go home early but "our Investigator"  said that she really wanted to be baptized but her family was really against it and if she did her ex husband would take custody of her kids. It was amazing. we found out exactly what we needed to know and comforted her in just the 2 minutes we had at the door about it being the right choice to be baptized and it was crazy. I dont know if it was a tender mercy but i think we couldnt think of anything to teach because we werent supposed to. I didnt see it as a coincidence. I hope that story made sense.

Well other than that our week has been pretty much the same as every other week. Just class and meals all day every day. I'm super excited to get out of her and finally start helping real people and its so close I can nearly taste it! just about 15 days or so and I'll be in portugal! 

Elder Powell

oh i have pictures too! this is me juggling with a sick tie that someone in our zone gave me. (he has 75 ties HERE AT THE MTC!) also one of me and elder rich eating some awesome chips and salsa that his family sent us. 

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