Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Hello people outside the walls

Yes as you probably heard the portugal mission is splitting into 2 missions. The Porto and the lisbon mission! its super exciting! It doesnt officially happen until july 1st but im excited! They said that the area I'm in when it splits is the mission I'll get changed to so if I'm north on july 1st ill get my call changed to Porto and if I'm in the south i'll just stay in Lisbon. I hope that makes sense. 

So as I said last week we got to host the new missionaries on wednesday and it was so fun! we got to get their luggage and take them to their room and watch as they were all nervous it was the best. It was good to finally not be the greenies because of christmas and new years it was the first new group of missionaries since we had gotten here. With the new missionaries we got a new district in our zone and it has 2 elders and 4 sisters. It's really small but they're awesome and confused and scared and its great. Oh and we get to host tomorrow too!

Being District Leader on Sunday especially is pretty crazy. Theres like 4 extra meetings and I have to give a lesson and interview all the elders and its a lot. BUT it's a privilege to be able to serve and help out our district and the church and it's organization is incredible.

We had our TRC with volunteer members and there was this one guy we taught who like didnt say was weird. he was really awkward and looked actually mad to be there but he was a volunteer... haha weird but it was probably our best lesson so it was good! 

Oh so we had a sub on saturday and he was from brazil and moved to united states like 6 months ago and he was the FIRST 18 year old missionary! THE FIRST! He said that he had a ton of interviews with apostles and seventies and he is the reason for all this. Pretty crazy. Oh and speaking of famous people david archuleta was back at the mtc dropping off his cousin! and a sister in our district hosted her and she said it was so weird to see him again. ok that is all. 

It's been raining a lot too which is nice because its not so cold! But tonight the MTC presiednt is being released and its rumored that memberS of the first presidency are coming! It should be pretty cool!

Well it's so awesome to be a missionary and it's amazing how much my testimony has grown. The book of Mormon is SO true and we were challenged to read it int he 6 weeks we're here and It's so amazing how much I've learned. I know that missionaries truly are called of god and there is no place I would rather be. I love you all and I'll talk to you next week!

Elder Powell

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