Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sep 28, 2015 - Walnuts, Pomegranates, and Octopus

Welcome my friends to this weeks edition of "A Week in the Life of an Elder"

So Maria Jose, one of our only progressing investigators has a garden\farm. And she has this huge walnut tree! And some pomegranate trees! So we got some free walnuts and pomegranates. And they were delicious! She didnt come to church but theres always next week!

The other dupla in my district had a batismo!! Being DL I had to  interview him and it was a really cool experience. Really cool to see the change and the humility in him. He then fed all 4 of us elders dinner and it was fun to chill with other elders for a little bit!

On friday we went to the house of Christina and Fernando! We had found them about a month ago but then they went to Lisbon to look for a house and now theyre back! Unfortunately they are moving away this week but theyre obsessed with us. We visited their house just to say hi and talk about the Book of Mormon but they ended up feeding us and everything! Then they wanted us to come back the next day for dinner again! We obviously didnt decline and they made Octopus! And it was delicious! It was like this stew with fried up pieces of tentacles and potatoes and this cream sauce and it was yummy! Then we helped them move their stuff into their basement in preparation for their move of thursday. In the process of moving we found this huge box of all these random paintings of abstract randomness. turns out, christina is a professional artist and she sells these painting for 300£ or more! Whoa. As we're leaving we keep talking about the paintings and she says we can choose one to take home! Too cool! Heres the one I chose with the artist herself:D It was a fun day!

We also went to a soup festival. And we found this huge churro just stuffed with this oreo creme filling. We ate a lot this week.... Hahah every story is about food:D

We had a really cool lesson in priesthood about how we have to be spiritually strong with a good testimony before we can help anyone else. And we talked about how in planes we have to put on our own oxygen masks before we even help children. Then the stake secretary who was there said its interesting how in the scriptures it uses the word "vir" instead of "ir" or in English come instead of go. We say come unto Christ, not Go over there to Christ while I'm still over here. We have to be with Christ in order for us to say come to me, come to Him. Really cool reminder of sometimes we have to worry about our own testimony and make sure we're still doing those small and simple things every day. 

Well Love you all! Hope you have a crazy spiritual weekend with conference and find some questions to your answers! 

P.s. I dont know who the new apostles will be but I bet that Elder Rasband will be at least one of them...

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