Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Oct 12, 2015 - Povoa de Varzim!!

Well hello there once again!

Today was transfers! I left Covilhã after being 3 transfers there and I got moved way up north to Povoa de Varzim! Its basically like 10 minutes from the ocean and it has a ward! Which is probably the best part having been in a branch of about 17 people. So yeah I'm excited! My new comp, Elder Cox is from Tooele and is starting his 5th transfer. Its should be quite the adventure!!

It was hard saying bye to everyone at church though. I was really glad we had fast sunday yesterday so I could bear my final testimony and profess my love for my branch! haha but this past week was pretty fun! We had a branch activity and watched the Testaments! We had 3 families that said they would come and we were pumped! So we had a ton of food and everything and of course on saturday a huge rain storm hit and no investigators showed up. It was sad. BUT we still had a party with our awesome faithful branch! And the elders got to take home the extra food! Score. 

It was especially sad to say bye to the one and only Maria Jose. She didn't come to church yesterday but we did end up going over there last night to say bye. 

We were knocking some doors on thursday and at the same time a door to door salesman was knocking the same building so we stopped to talk to him. He was about 25 and he was so confused at what the heck we were doin! He kept asking How old are? Why are you here? Youre not being paid? Why? Why would you do this same hard work I'm doing but for free? And he kept asking why? And it was weird I had this moment of sudden deep thought. Why? Why am I here? And yeah "because I know the church is true" But that is just the sunday school answer. 

But no I really do know this church is true! And only through this church and the ordinances in the temple can families be together forever and I just want that for everyone! I know Joseph Smith saw God and and His Son and I want this people to know it! My mission has brought so much Joy and Hardship and I have grown so much from it and I wouldnt want to be anywhere else. So thats why :D

Love you guys and hope you have a marvelous week. This is Maria Jose who for some reason didnt want to smile in this picture. I promise shes cool haha

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