Friday, December 26, 2014

Dec. 22, 2014 - First e-mail Home!!

Hey Family and friends and Tudo Bem!

I've read so many of these letters from missionaries I don't even know what to say. It's weird being on the other side finally. First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS! I can already tell that Christmas in the CTM is going to be awesome and all the Elders and sisters get to call home which was an awesome surprise but I guess you'll find out next week exactly how it was. So its been 6 days and the expression is really true about how the days go slow and the weeks go fast, but it's been so awesome! Finally getting that name tag was seriously so powerful and it was the culmination of everything I've been working for and it was so great! 

Well my first companion was probably my twin in heaven because we are seriously the same person in every way! He's from American fork and he went to BYU for a semester and he's the coolest guy. We clicked so fast and are always on the same page about everything. Its bizarre. We have the best chemistry when it comes to bouncing jokes off each other and we are going to be the funniest duo in the CTM haha we even have the same clothes from Mr. Mac. Like same size too. Haha too weird but we're best friends already. He's so funny and we are always laughing but we always find a way to feel the spirit so strongly. It's been so fun. He works super hard and loves the mission which really pushes me to be my best!

Portuguese is awesome and the language is actually easier than i thought. I'm obviously not fluent but the gift of tongues is real! It's crazy to think about how much i knew on Wednesday morning and I can already speak so much its amazing. My spanish helps so much and I know I'll be able to learn it quickly through hard work. That's what Irmao Workman tells us everyday. To work hard, focus more on the purpose of being a missionary and the language will come. And that really helped me. I need to focus on the work, the spirit and the scriptures and the language will come if I do my best. 

For all of you who will be serving a mission soon just a heads up that you teach your first lesson on Friday. In your LANGUAGE. And thats exactly what we did. We taught Adriana on Friday and the Portuguese was terrible haha but the spirit was there and it was so cool. We taught her two more times and we progressively got better and better which was really great to see and Rich and I really tried to focus on the positives and there were a lot even though we butchered the language. 

Our district is awesome and our DL is from Australia and he looks like superman. NO JOKE! hes so awesome and his Aussie slang is hilarious I reckon. Haha I'm already using it its so funny! I'm probably a little too sarcastic sometimes for my district but me and Rich have a chuckle everytime and I love it. It's been so fun! We're singing in the choir as a district for the Christmas night devo and the song "Where Shepherds Lately Knelt" is amazing. It was mindblowing how the choir director explained the words to us. You gotta go look it up because i dont have time to tell you but its gonna be a sweet song. Also, on sunday we watched a talk given by Elder Bednar at the CTM a couple years ago about how we always need to be turning outward especially during our time of need. He explained how Christ suffered in the Garden, was betrayed, crucified, mocked, and STILL was doing missionary work to the two other men on the cross next to him. It hit me hard. I've learned so much about Christ these past 6 days. tI've have never even thought about some stuff before and I've realized we will never be able to fathom how much of a solid guy he is. I Love Him and I cant wait to learn more these next 5 weeks! 

Well Feliz Natal talk to ya next week!

Elder Powell

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